Dressing up MOM jeans, Pirates & Bubbles.

Ahh the mom jeans, my go to when I’m feeling a little round in the tum area. High waisted gifts from the 90’s.

Grabbing these off the hanger I decided instead of opting for my usual boring plain t-shirt to inject a little colour into my outfit.

Outfit Detail

Jumper: New Look

Neck Tie: Armstrongs Vintage

Pin: Diedododa

Jeans: River Island

I have a very love hate relationship when it comes to colour in my wardrobe, on one hand, I absolutely love it, I love the idea, the look, how different colours can be mixed together to make a crackin’ outfit, but, on the other hand, I have always shied away from it. Mostly because whenever I’ve tried to replicate or put together an outfit I feel I look ridiculous or that anything other than plain black just doesn’t suit me.

I bought this adorable jumper last summer and although I’ve worn it a few times, it hasn’t had quite the wear it deserves. High necked, nice long sleeves and in a kind of ribbed effect. The crop of the jumper is surprisingly flattering with the high waist of the mom jean. Especially if you’ve got a slightly longer torso like myself. I decided to wear my adorable wooden fox pin which I picked up at the Royal Mile Market and my neck tie that I found having a thrift at Armstrongs and was pretty pleased with how even the littlest details can make you feel a bit more sassy. (And god knows I need that right now) 

My mom jeans themselves have seen better days.. I’ve worn them to absolute death since buying them (and they’re less than a year old) these were actually from the sale section of River Island and I think only cost me about a tenner at most. (Bargain right?) they weren’t always as tattered looking as they are now, when my other half has his hand on my knee he ends up pulling the strings and a fair few times I’ve kneeled down I’ve made it worse but hey. I teamed the outfit with a pair of white (hah, grubby) converse.

I also “attempted” a little bit of colour on my eyes and coming from the girl who has religiously only worn black eyeliner since the age of 14 I gotta say, my skills ain’t great, but I was kinda pleased with the results. I used my NYX single eyeshadow in Flustered for blending in my crease and outer eye and my Barry M illuminating highlighter pallete for my inner eye and lid in frosted cream – because hey, highlighter as an eyeshadow, right? As much as I love and buy lipsticks I barely ever wear any (I’ve got a waaaay crooked smile) so I left them as were.

Yesterday was the perfect type of Scottish weather, light breeze and beaming sunshine, so obviously we had to take advantage of it. We took a wander for food, hitting up Burrito & Shake (very much to our disappointment as half our order was missing and my burrito was peeing it’s juices out the bottom) along George Street so I could hit up the bank and then onwards to Fountain Park since we booked tickets to see Pirate Of The Caribbean: Salazars Revenge. Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers away.

Unlike a few I actually enjoyed the Pirates films, I’d probably rate this one about 6/10, yeah it was fun and silly but the CGI used on Salazar I just didn’t like, just a bit too much and some of the scenes were a little too rediculous, but I’ll leave it at that.

Afterward we strolled through the meadows and up towards princes street and came across floating bubbles everywhere. Typical girl, this got me far too excited, and noticed it was the same gent who had been making them at The Royal Mile a few days before.

– 6 hours from our original trip down this way he was still happily standing making them for people to photograph and running around while all the kids chased them as they trailed behind him. I even completely by accident managed to snap a pic at the same moment a little girl went to pop one.

Lastly before heading home we took a wander along to Primark as I wanted to have a look and see if they had any funky footwear. I left with 2 skirts, a top and 3 pairs of shoes (I will be doing a “how I style” post shortly on the items as I didn’t have enough time to pick up everything that I wanted) and since I’ve never done a post like that before, I’m pretty excited to give it a bash!

Until next time.

E x


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