My name is Emma, I’m 27 years old and I’m the face behind the blog.

I’m a wig wearing, sci-fi loving coffee addict. I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh and am the pet mother to my rescue rottweiler called Shane, my two dumbo rats called Lillith and Danika, and now also the two newest members of my the household being my partners two cats Mogwai and Fury.

This blog is my new venture and I’m super excited to share it with you all, for a few years now I’ve been a lifestyle blogger over at The Lady Fett but decided to challenge myself into doing something a little bit different with fashion and beauty and so, starbucks and stormtroopers was born.

What behind the name? Well it just kinda went, plus as a coffee enthusiast (addict) and star wars lover how could I not?

I’m mostly active over on instagram, you can catch me here

I am happy to work with brands or companies, and for any PR enquiries please send me an email at theladyfett@outlook.com

All opinions on this blog are my own.